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Best pizza around! We no longer ...
Best pizza around! We no longer order pizza from the big chain pizza places after discovering Valuetina's Pizza. The pizza is so flavorful. The garlic cheese bread is the best I've had anywhere. Delicious, fresh food and the employees are great!
Brandi S. via - Oct 5, 2019
Excellent pizza and even better chicken wings!
RJ Reyes via - Oct 1, 2019
Was pleasantly surprised. My boyfriend ...
Was pleasantly surprised. My boyfriend and I are very hesitant when it comes to trying other pizza places, however we are trying to do better at saving money. Found this on yelp and the pictures looked good so we gave it a shot.

We called in our order for delivery around 3:50. The guy who took our order was extremely nice and
... read more
Lindsey S. via - Sep 14, 2019
old school quality pizza ... read more
Eddie Navarro via - Aug 17, 2019
I've been eating this pizza for ...
I've been eating this pizza for like 20 years. Never had done me wrong. Except for the wings, those could be better for sure. But the pizza and antipasto salad is my all time fave.
Kelly H. via - Aug 16, 2019
Love Valuetina's! Been coming for ...
Love Valuetina's! Been coming for years and it's still the best pizza around. We order from here at least once a week and the staff is always friendly. I definitely recommend this place!
nicole v. via - Aug 5, 2019
I like the kids that work there ...
I like the kids that work there, they never complain even if it's the last hour of their shift. I've been to places where employees will huff and puff when you call or enter their facility within an hour or two of closing time. I recommend their wings and their garlic bread. It's literally homemade and so much better than frozen garl ... read more
Lupe R. via - Jul 30, 2019
Been going here for almost 20 years, we love this place ... read more
Sandy Aken via - Jul 24, 2019
Great pizza! But why no delivery ...
Great pizza! But why no delivery guy ever has parm?  Some bs! Parm gotta be on deck more than pepper flakes! I always ask parm oh sorry. I don't have anything. Wtf is that?   parm we want it! ‍ ... read more
Kenny P. via - Jul 20, 2019
Little overpriced but good pizza ... read more
Luis Ordaz via - Jul 18, 2019
This was very good pizza.  We order ...
This was very good pizza.  We order right before close and they couldn't have been more accommodating and friendly.  We will get again.
Thad K. via - Jul 18, 2019
I go here all the time because it is my local pizza shop. Not specifically a place that I would go out of my way to go to, but always a great place to buy pizza when passing through. The staff is friendly, the pizza is one of my favorites, and the price is great. A must have if passing through.
jimmy dean via - Jul 17, 2019
This is the best pizza I have ever ...
This is the best pizza I have ever had! I live in lake elsinore and come here all the time for it. I would give over five stars if I could!
Emily R. via - Jul 16, 2019
I was on a mini vacation from Phx Az and was on a budget so I came here based on the good reviews and let me tell you the pizza was really good and the wings and garlic knots were really good too! I highly recommend this place!
lavonna johnson via - Jul 13, 2019
Great pizza, not a factory franchise ... read more
Brian Lund via - Jul 6, 2019
Great pizza. Real fresh ingredients. Watched this dude cut the onion. Make the dough. Harvest the tomatoes. And milk the cow for the real mozzarella and slaughter the calf for the beef and pepperoni. Not really but you get it. Super fresh. Cheap. Tasty af. Go get you some. You'll thank me for it bro.
John DeLong via - Jun 30, 2019
HONEST MF AF. I accidentally tipped 65 and owner came through. HONEST MO FO. CSTM Fr Lf ... read more
Ronald Lopez via - Jun 22, 2019
The pizza was really good. Also got the buffalo wings and they were good aswell.
Ronald Pritchett via - Jun 10, 2019
Best pizza sauce around. I have been coming here for years and have never had a bad experience.
Isabela Mariano via - Jun 8, 2019
Always made fresh 👌 ... read more
Gabriel Saldana via - Jun 2, 2019
Good food. Reasonably priced ... read more
Dj Earles via - May 15, 2019
I love their pizza. Especially for the price. Their sauce is a little sweet but I like it. Their salads surprisingly are very very good. Delivery was great and fast.
Mariah Smith via - May 13, 2019
Pizza is super yummy and there garlic cheese bread is to die for ... read more
Marialyn llamas via - May 7, 2019
Good pizza for the price... Can't not recommend it.
Marc D via - May 6, 2019
Great pizza!!!! They are quick ...
Great pizza!!!! They are quick with the order and the pizza is great tasting and fresh. I think this is going to be one of my new favorite pizza spots. I recommend it to anyone who is looks for a new pizza to try ... read more
Daniel Z. via - May 2, 2019
The pizza taste yummy!
Linda Christmann via - Apr 21, 2019
Great customer service...yummy pizza :) ... read more
Patricia Robbins via - Apr 13, 2019
I like the pizza a lot but the ...
I like the pizza a lot but the ppl answering the phones have to be more professional. I ordered pizza today and the girl that answered the phone was unprofessional I understand that sometime they get busy and I understand that but they don't have to give an attitude when they're on the phone. Its the third time that has happened to m ... read more
Juan H. via - Apr 7, 2019
this has been my favorite pizza place my whole life!! in 28 years nobody has beat them!! delicious
this has been my favorite pizza place my whole life!! in 28 years nobody has beat them!! delicious every time!! and everyone who works there is so nice!!
Chris Tina via - Mar 30, 2019
oooey gooey goodness. Really good pizza
oooey gooey goodness. Really good pizza ... read more
Becky Walton via - Mar 24, 2019
This place is a hole in the wall ...
This place is a hole in the wall but so worth it. My boyfriend told me about this place. So we were decided on pizza for dinner. Great tasting pizza had 1/2 pepperoni pineapple and 1/2 Canadian bacon and pineapple. Cheese garlic bread came with marinara sauce so flavorful very homemade and antipasto salad. Everything was so fresh and ... read more
Nancy M. via - Mar 6, 2019
This is the best slice in all of Westminster we been getting this pizza for a few years im 14 now still love it ... read more
Alcaraz Fam via - Feb 23, 2019
They give good prices and they have one of the best customer service it’s really good they gave me a free soda multiple times ... read more
Bryant Phan via - Jan 26, 2019
Really bomb pizza ... read more
Kevin Mahoney via - Jan 13, 2019
Finally got around to trying this ...
Finally got around to trying this spot. I called for take out the guy on the phone was polite, nice and answered my questions without any attitude that's a big plus. I told him what I wanted and asked if I could get it a little extra crispy he said no problem. They nailed it on the nose I was able to pick up the pizza without it bein ... read more
Randy A. via - Jan 8, 2019
Yummy pizza that's fast and not too bad on the wallet.
Shea Bebee via - Jan 8, 2019
Best pizza in town ... read more
robert sover via - Jan 2, 2019
Great customer service ... read more
Renee Morales via - Dec 27, 2018
Fantastic food and service. I love this place, it's my go to lunch spot.
Jon B via - Dec 26, 2018
Didn't even know where I was, #starving ...
Didn't even know where I was, #starving and #overworked #god made me #fellasleep during #longhours of #highway #drive, finally decided to pulled aside and this little #pizzashop #savedmylife #thankyou it was the most delicious pizza and saved my life. God Bless all of those young folks who worked there. I didn't know I needed a hot f ... read more
Kelly P. via - Dec 24, 2018
Best in westminster!
Larry Coburn via - Dec 23, 2018
Ju ... read more
Danae Vadeboncoeur via - Dec 20, 2018
My wife and I were on our way to ...
My wife and I were on our way to LAX to pick up my sister, but because her flight did not land until 10 we decided to get a bite. We pulled off on valley view and luckily we decided to check it out. It is f@$#ing amazing!! Quick and flavorful. The staff is friendly. We still drive 35-45 just to pick up pizza. Hope they keep doing wha ... read more
Miguel P. via - Dec 18, 2018
Great pizza but poor costumer service. Maybe the ones answering phones should be better trained.
Winter Coad via - Dec 16, 2018
Where do I begin, this is the best ...
Where do I begin, this is the best pizza that I have eaten. Double pepperoni, easy on the sauce with a garden salad is my favorite meal. Did I forget to tell you that it's inexpensive.  Their customer service is impeccable.
Terri H. via - Dec 12, 2018
Such nice people !
Jon Albert via - Dec 12, 2018
Exceptional customer service. We ...
Exceptional customer service. We ordered a pizza for pick up and when we got there it was very busy. One of the gentlemen that works there forgot to give us our ranches. He called us within a minute after we left to apologize and informed us that if we wanted to go back and grab the remaining of the order and he would give us a compl ... read more
Vanessa P. via - Nov 28, 2018
Greasier than they used to be but whatever its cheap and hot ... read more
Jeanna Erdmann via - Nov 15, 2018
Valuetina's Pizza is the best pizza ...
Valuetina's Pizza is the best pizza place in Westminster! It's cheap, delicious, and the workers are always so nice! I'm hooked on their BBQ chicken pizza, along with there hot wings, and garlic cheese bread! Don't waste your time at Pizza Hut or any other joint and just transition over to Valuetina's already!!!!
Sky R. via - Nov 12, 2018
Valuetina's really is a value for delicious pizza ... read more
AJ McCay via - Oct 25, 2018
FIVE STAR PIZZA!!! Some Of My favorite Pizza In Orange County Pizza!!!
Richard Melim via - Oct 22, 2018
Great pizza. Very afforadable / reasonably priced for what you get. Super friendly. Awesome delivery guys.
Angelina Gutierrez via - Oct 21, 2018
Great service!!!
Jon Williams via - Oct 17, 2018
Ordered pizza from here last night ...
Ordered pizza from here last night after getting screwed by GrubHub and it was pretty damn good! They had our pizza ready in 15 minute! It was hot, delicious and definitely somewhere I would eat again! We ordered pepperoni pizza (we have a picky 4 yr old), garlic cheese bread and a antipasto salad. I loved all of it! Garlic cheese br ... read more
Jaime A. via - Oct 14, 2018
The best pizza since New York.
The best pizza since New York. Best amount of cheese topping. Yummmm!! we come here every Thursday night. The guys that work there are so nice and make us feel like family!
Bev G. via - Oct 11, 2018
Best Local, ... read more
Bryan Persall via - Sep 30, 2018
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